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The modern bed is a symbol of our contemporary condition; a testament to the best and worst in us. A place of deep connection and isolated voyeurism. Pillowtalk seeks to explore, challenge, and embrace the contemporary condition of the bed, reopening itself as an active social space. A platform on which a series of events and workshops can occur. We will talk frankly and learn from each other on our virtual bed.

We have set up a discord channel to use as we had planned to use the physical bed in Valga- an open platform for discussion around issues-with and and alternatives-to current practice in architecture. From this we will host a series of themed virtual events through the summer months. The communal bed will take on its physical form in Sheffield in the England National Assembly in September.


a series of informal and virtual discussion events

taking part

We will be hosting 5 discussions over the month of august,  for further information see our instagram page and sign up using the link in our bio!


Joe Ridealgh, Rory McDonald

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