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EASA (EUROPEAN ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS ASSEMBLY) is a platform for cultural and educational exchange, connecting architecture students and professionals across Europe and the world.


Organised around assemblies, each year a different country within the EASA network hosts the main

2-week long summer residency, with other smaller events happening throughout the year.

easa tourist 2019, Photo by Alexandra Kononchenko
easa 2016 THE FLYING GAP.jpg
EASA Reality, Serbia 2021
INCM Bucharest 2013
EASA Rijeka 2018;  photo by Alexandra Kononchenko
easa malta 1998.jpg
EASA Reality, Serbia 2021
EASA 2014 Bulgaria

The annual gatherings enable participants to explore alternative forms of architectural thinking and practice outside of the traditional university context, with students taking the delivery of their education into their own hands.


The annual event is attended by around 600 international participants and consists of around 35 workshops, each with different outputs.

During EASA, students and professionals form a community of participants, tutors, organisers and helpers which maintains itself – we all work, study, rest, cook, eat, clean and live together. Workshops make up the majority of the programme, with evening socials, lectures, excursions, exhibitions, open discussions, intuitive one-day workshops, and spontaneous performances take place, among other activities.


EASA is a non-profit, decentralised organisation led by a team of volunteers.

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