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European Architecture Student Assembly (EASA) is an international voluntary network of architecture students, whose goal is the free exchange of ideas and to cultivate a more radical architectural practices.

The main output of EASA is the annual summer school, where workshops, lectures and seminars dissect the central theme chosen for the specific assembly. It is a platform for 600 architecture students to question architecture, experiment and play with space and discuss the future of the field.

EASA has succeeded the past 40 years because of the voluntary work the members of the community provide. The organizers take two years to build the structure of the event, the tutors provide the diverse educational program, the helpers keep the people fed and the infrastructure running, participants put aside 2 weeks of their everyday routine to partake in the more radical architecture education during EASA.

Due to the pandemic, the usual approach of the summer school is impossible. Instead of gathering in one location, EASA is now spread across Europe. The program is located across all the nodes of the EASA network, taking place on the National scales and in the virtual realm.

The EASA 2020 activity is more than ever dependent on the volunteering of one's time and concentration. Lacking the big communal gathering and the thrill of 600 people standing in a line for food, the responsibility of volunteering one's time falls more evenly than before on the shoulders of everyone participating. The success and impact of the educational event is now more the responsibility of the participant and less on the shoulders of the organizers, tutors and helper.

So on the behalf of the EASA and INCM organizers of 2021, we ask you to volunteer your time and to participate in the EASA Reality wide program. There will be some hiccups, but bare with us, they are like the cold showers we experience each EASA event.

i volunteer my time to