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One of the biggest collections of images along the years of the assembly. Beautifully captured by Alexandra Kononchenko.

A collection of interviews, documentaries and writings about EASA or totally outside of it. Small magazines run by young architects, moments of nostalgia or revelations about architecture and education. Get lost in the collection.

The news, the agenda, stories that inform and inspire, gossip, The Great American Novel, poetry and prose, postmodern automatically generated essays, listicles, photo essays, the bildungsroman, critical theory, Dada, epistemological elucidations, footnotes, real estate reviews, Gonzo journalism, dating ads, manifestos, comics, anthropological analysis and the weather section.

The EASA Archive is a depository of memories, a collection of information, a mine of treasures from the past and a well of endless inspiration.

One of the longest standing EASA workshops, easa tv aims to entertain and document the assembly through the production of audiovisual content, from
conception to writing, shooting, editing, to finally presenting the results to the entire EASA community.

a theoretical workshop - but live, and on air, and on the internet, all the time. and music. a lot of music, too. and interviews and talk-shows. and more
music. you really just play music and talk about this and that and everybody is listening.

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