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EASA is a self-managed, nomadic platform for experimental pedagogy within the field of architecture and INCM is the main tool for participation and governance which keeps EASA together by passing down the organization of the event to the next group of easians. 

In INCM all the National Contacts gather to elaborate on what EASA is and what it should become in the future. Ultimately ideas emerge and different themes for the EASA event in two years time come up and, through an iterative process of critique and discussion, there is a consensus on which idea will become a reality, and how.


The theme

The team of this year's INCM is “Riflessi”, an italo-maltese term translatable in both “reflection” and “reflex”. We appealed to the duality established between the intellectual act of focused thinking, of rational analysis possible in a slow-paced conversation and the intuitive, visceral mental associations ignited by an intense debate. INCM Riflessi will be highly geared towards crafting a balanced cycle between fast and slow communication to facilitate brainstorming, consensus and so on.

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INCM Riflessi will be held in Ex Villaggio Eni in Borca di Cadore, in the Eastern Italian Alps! 
The village is immersed in the breathtaking mountainous landscape of the Alps and it was designed in the end of the '50s by Edoardo Gellner in participation with Carlo Scarpa. The objective of the project was set by owner Enrico Mattei to be a "social utopia", a model of how a community can inhabit in synergy with the environment. The architects designed across scales, from the village to the furniture holding particular attention to the relationship with the site. We are so excited to bring the community there and let the energy of those spaces nourish INCM!

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