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INCM 'Continuity'

Vitosha, Bulgaria, 2018


A multidimensional transmission

through borders and generations

in which everybody takes action

to pull off a collective mission

larger than oneself.


When layers overlap

then understanding reaches depth.

The common vision ignites progress.


freedom. intimacy.

self-community. city.

nature. ego. goodwill.



natural. neutralization.


The phenomenon of Continuity.

INCM Vitosha 2018 is designed by atmospheres.
Ideas, spaces, places and stories are linked in order to help the exploration of the EASA Momentum, Future and Past.
At the same time other factors are being projected to support the final stage of the event’s symbiosis.
The issue you hold in your hands is going to be your guide to INCM Vitosha 2018 - a collective enterprise in progress.

 Boeritsa area was the main location of INCM Vitosha 2018 at 1700m height, 30km away from Sofia city center, on the protected territory Vitosha mountain – a declared Nature park. There, all participant in this year’s event (NC, Contributors, Helpers and Guests) had to live, think, talk, be and create together.

For two years, the Boeritsa area is being prepared to welcome INCM Vitosha 2018 and provide for an inviting habitat for the 200 architecture students that are going to take part in INCM Vitosha 2018. Boeritsa area is the place to bring people together in the overall framework of INCM Vitosha 2018. Workshops, action campaigns, work weekends and research have been an inseparable part of EASA Bulgaria’s programme. Over 150 students and volunteers have taken part in the restoration of Boeritsa hut and in strategically intervening in the area, while working as network, combining their reassures and focusing on complex real issues.
Thanks to many partners EASA Bulgaria has carried out educational ateliers, transforming the area into a space for fostering, creation, affection and dreams. Together.

Pictures by Documentation Circle

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