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documentations of EASA

About hospitality - directed by Lucas Bonnel - sound: Bart Bellamy during EASA “Hospitality: finding the framework” in Fredericia, Denmark, 2017

I am from EASA - directed by Lucas Bonnel during EASA ‘Not Yet Decided’ in Nida, Lithuania, 2016

The Insights - by Alexandra Kononchenko & Miguel Angel Maure Blesa during INCM “Retroactive” in Madrid, Spain, 2016

EASA 1997 - Advancing Architecture, also simply known as The Train, was organized by a team consisting of EASA Denmark, EASA Sweden, and EASA Norway. The film is directed by Alexis and Matthieu Kavyrchine, production by EASA France.

Advancing Architecture - a film by EASA Denmark during EASA Scandinavia in a train going through Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, 1997.

EASA summaries

EASA 2019 ‘Tourist’, Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland - by Alexandra Kononchenko Drone video: Alexandra Polyakova - Music: Apparat - Black Water

EASA 2018 ‘Re:EASA’, Rijeka, Croatia - by Alexandra Kononchenko Drone video: Simon Sais - Music: Laibach - The Whistleblowers

EASA 2017 ‘Hospitality: finding the framework’, Fredericia, Denmark - by Alexandra Kononchenko

EASA 2016 ‘Not yet decided’, Nida, Lithuania - by Alexandra Kononchenko

EASA 2015 'Links', Valletta, Malta - by Alexandra Kononchenko

EASA 2014, 'Symbioza', Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - by Alexandra Kononchenko

EASA 2004, ‘Metropolitan–Micropolitain’, Roubaix, France by EXYZT

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