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national gathering, workshop, construction
town - country side - town

The fist week of august we'll gather and go away from the town into the countryside to reconnect with nature and get closer as a team.  There we'll make a construction workshop consisted in three parts. The goal of the first two parts is to make elements in different scale and with different funciton, and in the third part/phase of the workshop we'll connect them into one bigger construction. Through exploring ourselves and the nature around us, we'll allow the final "product" of the workshop to be an experiment and a reflection of that growth.


We see this whole experience as EASA. From our first team meeting until now we are continuously learning together and moving things forward.

first week of August

taking part

If you're interested contact us on our instagram, facebook profile or send us an e-mail on:


EASA Macedonia (all the participants this year share the role of an organizer as well. We can give you a list of the names if you need one by the end of the event because we expect more people to join the team in the following months)

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