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A continent to be shaped

Man with Headphones
archive, research, artefact, flat plan model
At home (all Europe)

This project invite Easians from the past and present to rethink and reactivate their own archive by making a model plan of a workshop result made during the summer meetings of EASA. The participants are asked to send a flat plan that will then be built by us and reproduced in a book and an exhibition in Switzerland. The original consructions made during EASA will then come alive in a new form, as artefacts that embodies the concepts, with a new materiality and a new context.

Every information related to the project is on


The projects must be submitted until 5.07.2020 and then will be constructed by us for the book and exhibition.

taking part

Every information/ How and where to apply:


Lou Rais, Adam E-H

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