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Man with Headphones
workshop, experimental literature, letters
around Europe?
at home+ the post office

Stories and ideas travelled across the world at a lightning speed since forever. Aletheia is about these stories. We will write three coherent narratives shaped as three stories using letters sent around the world.


JUNE : call for participants > we will adapt our strategy after we will have a clear idea of the countries the stories will travel to > we will settle on a sequence
JULY : in early July three people will begin to write the first page > they will send it to others and so on
AUGUST : the letters will still be around the world
SEPTEMBER : we will have the stories

*it takes approximately one week for a letter to travel between two countries ( we verified UK-France, Belgium-Croatia, Romania-France)

taking part

Contact us as soon as possible, we will begin the chapters in early July. Us = Jakob D’herde ( & Arina Butiu (


Jakob D’herde Arina Butiu

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