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Borderless Movement Lab

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workshop, dance, movement
Zoom / Google Hangouts

Connect with the joy of movement. 40-min session of guided conscious movement to rediscover the body and release tensions. Be ready for some dope beats, a real dance workout and for a collective burst of joy. *No previous dance experience needed.

Facilitators info: NB How much space do I need to participate in the session? Set up your room/kitchen/living room safely. Remove anything which might be dangerous: lamps, plants, cups, plates, furnitures, decorations. Create the biggest space you can for yourself in those circumstances. Specially keep in mind the edges of your furnitures. Remove carpets from the floor. What clothes should I wear? You can dance barefoot or with socks. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Technical instructions: - Please join the meeting 5 min before the start. - Keep zoom call on the Speaker View to see the teacher better. - Use your laptop or TV screen to see better what is going on. - Put yourself on mute to avoid distractions. Recommendations: - Use a speaker to hear the teacher better. - Prepare your setup 5 minutes before the session. - Have a bottle of water next to you.


2 x conscious dance classes "Movement lab"

Movement Lab #1 / 12:00 - 13:00 at 09.08.20 (GTM+3)
Movement Lab#2 / 12:00 - 13:00 at 16.08.20 (GTM+3)

taking part


Maris Kohv, Marta Golasz

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