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Bulgarian national gathering

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workshops, trip, conceptual

A series of events starting where INCM Vitosha ended, travelling through Bulgaria, pulsating between urbanized, forgotten and wild reaching a peak on the beach of Krapetz, exploring apathy along the way and finding ways to describe, adress and deal with it.

more to be announced


1.Explore all the places we have impacted on Vitosha, giving lectures, having small talks and a communal meal (with a possible sleep over under the stars or in some hut) 2.Set out for a journey by cars starting in Sofia and passing through the city of Gabrovo and the nearby abandoned villages. Common apathy workshop happening in the background + smaller workshop activities. 3. We reach the seaside and we explore the two extremes - the wild caming site of Krapets and the gorey consumerism of Sunny beach. Continuous workshops start working properly and after a few days of concentrated work reach climax. The result is yet to be discovered. Many talks, discussions, screenings every evening.

Vitosha event: last week of July for 1 or 2 days; Main event 13.08 - 22.08; we set out to Gabrovo; we stay and explore 13.08-16.08; we go to Sunny beach 17.08-18.08; finals stop in Krapetz 18.08 - 22.08

taking part

For EASA Bulgaria but won't return anyone interested/invested


EASA Bulgaria

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