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National gathering, Workshop, E-EASA, Interaction, Construction
Ukraine, Kyiv, Solomyansky district, Chokolivka

Chokolivka is a district of Kyiv and a home for many students of architecture, here the Architectural University dormitories and the Ostriv Platform are located. There are similar areas of the Soviet era in almost every Ukrainian city - these local landscapes, infrastructure and people are familiar to many of us from the childhood.  From the 18th to the 29th of August we do not go far from home, but we do something that derives from our everyday life and affects everyone. We remain part of the EASA global movement at home, and explore this year's theme, Apathy, on the ground. What are the limits of our apathy when we face our own backyard / district / city? We will learn to cooperate locally, use what is available, not consume too much and change our cities for the better in small steps.


* Online workshop (August 1-18) — participatory development of a mobile application that simplifies the ability of people to change their environment. * Theoretical workshops  (August 18-23)— testing of a mobile application and the creation of a library of modular solutions for public spaces. * Practical workshops (August 23-29) — design and construction of architectural forms together with active residents, upcycling workshop, conceptual interventions. * Public program  (From 15th of July) — lectures and discussions on related topics. Presentation of the student research of Chokolivka, exhibition of works. * Participant call will be announced on July 20.

"1. Chocolocal: Online workshop / 15:00-17:00 at 01.08.20 (GMT +3) - repeats weekly, 3 times (untill 18th of August) / location address: Online
2. Chocolocal: Theoretical workshops / 15:00 18.08.20 - 10:00 - 23.08.20 (GMT +3) / location address: Chokolivka, Kyiv, Ukraine
3. Chocolocal: Practical workshops / 15:00 23.08.20 - 10:00 - 29.08.20 (GMT +3) / location address: Chokolivka, Kyiv, Ukraine"

taking part

Join our online workshop (August 1-18) — participatory development of a mobile application that simplifies the ability of people to change their environment. Participation is open, more details will come here , and here The call for offline workshops will be announced in the end of July - everyone is welcome if in Ukraine or if have a possiblity to enter Ukraine. For any inquiries please contact us at or in social media.


Roman Sakh – Platforma Ostriv Maria Maqiam – Author of “The phenomenon of apathy” book! Andriy Batin – Holabuda, developing pattern language for post-apathy cities Kos Kuchabskyi - Platforma Ostriv Nastya Kondratieva – Telegraf, moving alternative education forward in digital realm Marina Osnach –, designing digital platform for self-organisation to blossom Nastya Lopatiuk – artist, holding a workshop on upcycling the apathy. Darina Lisitskaya – adept of EASA, will hold a digital workshop for the people Ivanka Lipych – adept of EASA, photographer, helper Kate Lopatiuk – adept of EASA, coordinator and co-tutor German Mitish – adept of EASA, communication with EASA network, development and maintenance of WEEE city app. Orest Yaremchuk – adept of EASA, making sure that everything is in a good shape. Yana Buchatska – adept of EASA, making sure that everything goes well Ivan Protasov – adept of EASA, making sure that event succeeds and not turns into mess.

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