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EASA AL Apathy event

Man with Headphones
interaction, knowledge and skills sharing, EASA Spirit localy
(3) discussions: Voskopoje ; Valbone ; Libohova

EASA AL is excitedly trying to organize a gathering implementing EASA Estonia 2020 concept - in its location, helping the understanding on this topic and its diverse ways of happening. There is not a specific location we are proposing yet, but all of considered opportunities are connected to the apathy topic. We have followed the path of EASA guidelines during the organizing process which has been a great help and example.


We see 10-16 August as the best dates for the event to happen. We may have few EASA days till august as experiments on topics that can be touched or evolved during the event.


taking part

If we manage to have a few spots for international guests, as we would love to, we will publish the announcement on all of our social medias and via email.


Adonel Myzyri Easa 2018 Aldina Xhelaj (Easa 2018/2019 albanian NC) Angela Lulati Easa 2018/2019 Anita Cengu Easa 2018 Dario Mankollari Easa 2019 Eneida Firaku Easa 2019 Ira Belegu - Easa 2018/2019

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