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EASA Apathy Residency

Man with Headphones
Summer school, Community building, Residency
Valga, Julius Kuperjanovi 99

Apathy residency is a local EASA event mainly targeted towards building a stronger architecture student community in the Baltic region. The residency welcomes everyone curious about space and holds several workshops, lectures and activities on the topics Valga has to offer.

Valga - One town, two countries. Border situation of the town is the inspiration, workstation and stage for experimentation. During the two weeks, we will explore Valga - at the moment a shrinking town, whose strategies for the future might offer unexpected lessons.
EASA 2020 might have clustered but the research in Valga goes on.

The residency is open for participants from 1st - 16th of August for however long you can stay. The working schedule for workshops is more flexible than usual EASA events and all the lecture program is open for public.


(In)Sensitive Townscapes  - documentation, exhibition

Tutors: Povilas Vincentas Jankūnas, Ignas Čeponis (LT)

Come on Fellow - Common Yellow - revaluating

Tutors:Alina Ocuneva (MD), Darina Lisitskaya (UA), Alexander Sokolov (LIE), Angela Lulati (AL), Sturla Hrafn Sólveigarson (ISL), Tanya Peneva (BG)

Drive - electronics, installation

Tutors: Sabine Vecvagare, Alise Jekabsone, Jēkabs Ozols (LV)

Küpsis - ceramics

Tutors: Tobias Quezado Deckker, Pauls Tadeuss Rietums (LV)

Oaas - community garden

Tutors: Joonas Parviainen, Ella Prokkola (FI)

Hitchhiker's guide to sauna - uncertainty

Tutors: Antti Jäppinen, Tristan Toomig, Maijja Malmivaara, Kasper Luoma (FIN)

Offence - deconstruction and reconstruction

Tutors: Ra Martin Puhkan, Siim Tanel Tõnisson (EST)

Small interventions - interaction and building

Tutors: Torfinn Truchs Erga (NO), Leena Salo (FI)

Apathy Patrol - reality

Tutors: Luka Smišek, Tamara Nešić (SRB),  Bia Porfirio (GB)

Gym Olympia - body-building

Tutors: Kyra Lea Michel (SUI), Pablo Encinas Alonso (ESP)

KOOS - EAA pavilion

Tutors: b210 architects (EST)

EASA Bar - building the nightlife

Tutors: Margus Tammik, Merilin Kaup, Karolin Kaup (EST)


Eve Komp ja Liina Liis Pihu (Ruumiringlus)

Jiri Tintera (Valga Vald)

Roland Reemaa (LLRRLLRR)

Ivan Sergejev (Narva)

Lars Erik Mattila (SUOJA)

Mattias Malk & Rasmus Pikk (Ubiquity)

Aveliina Helm (University of Tartu)


EASA Café day

Priimetsa Sound


Hele Heli - “I Will Meet You at the River”

Party / Performers

Abramova/Rec/Kenn-Eerik Kannike




Katja Adrikova

Nebukat/ Fake DJ


Skyscraper boys


Movie nights

Student forum



All days are filled with a rich programme, from dawn till dusk and beyond. Starting from 1st of August to 16th of August.

1. Residency opening day; ceremony; welcome // August 1st / all day
2. Valga open day, EASA cafe // August 8th 10:00 - 18:00
3. Valga forest rave ""Priimetsa sound"" // August 8th 19:00 - 06.00
4. Closing ceremony, excursions // August 15th-16th all day

taking part

Open for anyone, registering open, fee 10 eur per stayed day/night. amount of days not restricted.


ENAL; EASA Estonia

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