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EASA Belarus National Gathering

Man with Headphones
community building, observation, discussions
Grushevka, Belarus

We feel that now many rural areas are in a state of apathy. Considering this phenomenon as a kind of "borderline state", which means that new vectors of development have appeared. We believe that village is not just an evolutionary stage on the way to a city, but an important cultural unit that may become a starting point for the appearance of new forms of settlement. The research of the indigenous culture of the village can serve as a basis for the formation of a positive scenario for the future forms of settlement. We want to understand how the local landscape works, model the utopia of an ideal settlement locally and globally, imagine a holistic positive scenario for the future of Grushevka and stimulate awareness of local and global landscape.


25.07 – arriving to Grushevka, arrangement of the accommodation. 26.07 – excursion day in Grushevka 27.07 – 29.07 – area survey 30.07 – 31.07 – hiking days  01.08 – 02.08 – art workshop based on the collected material 03.08 – summing-up day 04.08 – excursion, departing

25.07 - 04.08

taking part

We are planning to create and enforce certain rules throughout the day that will allow to recognize our hidden "zero states". (For example, do not use the internet and mobile phones all day). These rules-experiments we will broadcast in our Instagram and will be glad if someone joins us.


EASA Belarus

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