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Man with Headphones
walking, mobile architecture, maping
Constanta, Romania

A small event of up to 25-30 people on the shoreline in Romania, focusing on the aesthetics of walking, and the possibilities for material and immaterial architecture generated through walking. In the process passing by varied architectural landscapes that put in light the multitude of contacts a human can have with the sea in order to map the sea-shore by human criterias more sensed at a 1:1 scale.


from 31st of July to 9th of August we gather in Constanta and map the city and the beach, leading to installations and maps

EASA CARAVAN / 31.07-09.08 / Constanta, Romania

taking part


Teodor David, Andreea Samoilă, Andra Hrenciuc, Theodora Cișmanu, Iulia Bucsar, Diana Zărnescu, Arina Buțiu, Ioana Rădulescu

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