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EASA Greece Summer Gathering

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workshop, lecture
village of Stagiates, Pilio, Volos, Greece

This summer, Εasa GR is inviting architecture students and young architects to participate in our local gathering, which is going to take place in the village of Stagiates in Pilio (Volos), on 16-23 August. 

Very recently, the municipality of Volos cut off the access to the natural pure water in the local houses of the village, connecting them with an old filtered water network of another village. This action has provoked a dynamic discourse, with several assemblies taking place in Stagiates, where people from all over Greece still come to discuss, as well as participate in cultural events.


Workshops, lectures, screenings, discussions, hikings and much more... We will ask ourselves questions regarding the future of our profession as well as our current role as architecture students. The long term goal is to gradually establish a network, which will connect and bring together architecture students from all over Greece in similar or even bigger assemblies.

Border Games, Behind the Curtain, Estia and Stand Up Comics are 4 of the ‘greek’ workshops that were chosen for the Easa Apathy in Estonia. Even though most of us did not have experience of working together or organising a big event , thanks to the easa spirit, our inner motivation and devotion, we have successfully communicated and collaborated in order to make this event come true. 


On the first day (arrival day), we haven’t planned anything very strict, but when we all gather around, we will have an intro presentation. Later, we will play some ice-breaking games, to get to know each other better. And then, some beers and let’s sleep well because on the next day the workshops begin. Everyday, the program is organized in specific time zones. In the morning, we’ll have a fitness hour (yoga, stretching, martials arts), which will be followed by breakfast. The workshop hours are split in 2 time zones - the morning zone and post-lunch/ afternoon zone. After the second working period, we’ll have our lectures - presentations and screenings. We haven’t settled all the lectures yet, but we are on the way. In addition, we have selected some films and documentaries, some of which are site-specific (referring to the current issue of the village). In this time zone, we will also include some open space for the participants to exhibit their projects or start their own discussions, based on topics they need to elaborate on. And then: beers, beers and good sleep (or not).

Pre - Easa Greece summer gathering - setting up the place / 10:00 8.08.20 - 23:00 15.8.20 (GMT +3) / Stagiates, Pilio, Volos, Greece Easa Greece summer gathering / 10:00 16.8.20 - 23:00 23.8.20 (GMT +3) / Stagiates, Pilio, Volos, Greece

taking part

Share with us the reasons why you would like to participate as well as similar experiences you’ve had so far. *** You can express yourself via whatever form/medium you like ***


Easa Greece

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