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EASA Portugal National Gathering

Man with Headphones
workshop, talk, hands on
Aldeia do Meco, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Portugal

Our national event will gather 15 people (divided in groups of 3) to create 5 different sensorial paths. Our goal is to keep us aware of the site in question, in order to highlight the senses that get overlooked when compared to vision. With the constant speed we live in, our brain converts our experiences in framed pictures, to make it simpler to process and, therefore, apathetic to our other senses. 

During one week, our plan is to explore and gather the complex information of the field in question, in order to develop architectural projects that reveal and enhance those qualities, instead of ours, as self centered architects.


06.09 : Arrival day + Presentation of the concept and site
07.09 - 10.09 : Explore and develop 5 small installations in order to provoque our numb senses.
11.09 : Final exhibition (and goodbye party!!)

27.09 :  Competition deadline (design a cabin for the site, relying on the information gathered)

EASA Portugal National Gathering / 06.09.20 - 11.09.20 (GMT +1) / Aldeia do Meco, Sesimbra, Setúbal, Portugal

taking part

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EASA Portugal, Barbara Arita and Rita Vasconcellos e Sá

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