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EASA Russia National Gathering

Man with Headphones
a series of national events, workshop, talk, lecture, excursion
All across Russia - Moscow, Seliger, Vologda, Yuryevets

Our National Gathering will take a form of three separate 10-15 people weekend events, each will take place in a different historical town. Together with our participants we will explore the place, talk, complete small architectural tasks and try to get a deeper understanding of ourselves and of architecture.


30 July - 2 August - old team gathers to reconnect, and to plan the main two events (Seliger)

14 – 16 August – first event (Vologda)

21 – 23 August – second event (Yuryevets)

taking part


EASA Russia, Daria Kleymenicheva, Alexandra Zinkevich

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