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EASA Turkey National Gathering

Man with Headphones
Community, Workshop, Discussion
Kurşunlu, Bilecik, Turkey

As we consider apathy as a state of numbness, apathy is a loss in redundance, a self protection mechanism of ones feelings under a bombardement of emotions. The greatest talent of a creator is the ability to focus on the one in many. Earth, on the other hand, is the antagonist for all this numbness, stodility, callosity. Earth has a special place to talk on feelings.     Rammed Earth Workshop is for the participants who likes to design and produce with their own hands. A process in which we feel earth, learn earth, design earth and produce with earth by touching it all together. By this, earth gives us places of Remembrance where we open new dialogues.      In addition to the workshop, the week will be spent in Kurşunlu will give us chance to engage with the village. We will stay with the villagers, collect nuts from trees together, repair walls for them...


7-13 september

taking part

Contact EASA Turkey if you want to take part


EASA Turkey

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