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Friendship Pack 2.0

Man with Headphones
community, workshop, building
Virtual and physical spaces (based in istanbul)

In Friendship Packs, through fun and pleasure we are going to experiment with alternative ways of interacting with each other and building a community. It is an experimental process, conducted as local autonomous initiatives and these initiatives are supplemented with virtual critical discourses that enable us to connect on a larger scale and learn from each other.


- open call for application until 26.07

- introductory session via zoom between 27.07-31.07

- 2 virtual meetings per week + one pack each week between 03.08-23.08

to be announced in detail later

taking part


Nazli Irmak Pekel, Buse Ceren Ekici, Beste Soybilge, Eren Hisim, Taylan Karabaş, Berfu Demir

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