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In REEL time

Man with Headphones
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Virtual space

PREMISE: Closing the rift between our consciousness and objective working reality.   OUTCOME: A community? An angry one? A zine to share our thoughts? A connection between students all over the island.

Requirements: ability to zoom and to watch the movies to discuss after, Calls @11 am GMT UK on zoom followed by watching the movie and selecting your curtain, popcorn and anthing else to discuss(definitions outlined in manifesto). discuss then have a day to digest/respond with work of any form then discuss the next film. - this drive contains all the info needed supported by regular posts on insta:@_in_reel_time


virtual Meetings/movie viewings: Monday, Wednesday and Friday and days in between for creating repsonsive work in reference to movies discussion day before. final friday aug 7th gather work and showcase and create a watchlist with our new MUBI accounts

virtual Meetings from 11am-12am: Monday, Wednesday and Friday (july 27, 29. 31, aug 3, 5, 7)

taking part

follow insta: @_in_reel_time  & register on form:


Aidana Roberts

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