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Légami Legàmi, EASA Apathy Italian Gathering

Man with Headphones
national gathering, workshop, interaction
Sambuca di Sicilia (Italy)

The workshop proposal of BONDage on one hand and the Italian Bidding for EASA 2021 on the other, created the momentum which brought “Lègami legàmi” to take place. “Lègami legàmi” is a collective investigation aimed to understand tangible and intangible links between people/buildings/objects. After a research process, we’ll realize a temporary installation by stretching textile stripes in the urban fabric, thus connections will be physically manifested. Our intention is to fathom how everything is connected to understand how anything isn’t just ‘a node’ – an isolated object which has nothing to do with its surroundings, even in a built environment. We want to comprehend and map the ‘infrastructures’ of the considered and given nodes, how these relationships are established, how they could fall apart. By delving into the city, we will position ourselves at first as explores and listeners, in order to be able to grasp the “urban artefacts” (A. Rossi), generators of tangible interactions, and the urban stories which will be revealed to us in situ. The ability to position the links among these won’t come just by ourselves: the locals will lead us to build the narrative. We will listen and connect, map the encounters and recreate them, altogether with the first sources of the stories.


EASA trip and EASA topics on 9th august

9:00 02.08.20 - 20:00 11.08.20 (GMT +1)

taking part

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Alessandra Mencancini, Alessandro Chojwa Segrera, Amerigo Ambrosi, Annachiara Squitieri, Diana Ferro, Eleonora Giannetti, Elena Ghiacci, Elisa Donini, Erica Zanella, Jiaqi Wang (nc), Marco Dionysios Kakoliris (nc), Marta Magnaguagno, Matteo Fontana, Saskia Gribling (nc)

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