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Man with Headphones
parliament, platform, construction

O is a circle
O is a parliament
O is a seat
O is a discussion
O is a bubble
O is a place
O is a sound
O is a perception
O is a number
O is a fragment
O is a chain
O is a safe space
O is an interaction
O is a thing
O is a research
O is fixed
O is portable
O is infinit
O is an act
O is a writing
O is a play
O is undefined
O is a scenario
O is an object
O is a balance

O is a common


Design and construction of a circular platform with seating area, a horizontal - non-hierarchical parliament


taking part

The design part will possible online to allow people from all over to attend, construction is obviously limited to those in or near Brussels.


Atdhe Hogoshti, Michelle Duhen, Michiel Stegen

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