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workshop, mapping, interaction
Groix island, Bretagne, France

WEAVE will generate a sensitive fabric of Groix made out from the linkage of its resources into knots. By generating a local network, the workshop will highlight their interactions and allow anyone to get aware of the potential of its surrounding. Through methodological fieldwork, WEAVE aims to point out, analyse, and reveal every resources that characterize and animate that particular island. The creative exploration will go beyond material evidence and highlight intangible resources such as skills, know-how, local craftsmen, traditions, habits. By collecting and enhancing the resources together through a “resources map” generating a new fabric of Groix, this sensitive approach weaves noticeable knots together, aiming to provide another perspective to the locals over their environment and foster new experimentations and interactions within the island.


The timeline of WEAVE will be spread out over the week of the French National Gathering.

EASA France National Gathering : starts at 10:00 am 31st july (GTM+1) / meeting point at the pier of Lorient port ///ends on 12:00pm 8th august (GTM+1)

taking part

The exploration of the workshop can be followed on the EASA France instagram


Lauriane Touvron ; Jade Apack ; Perrine Cariou ; Valentine Letellier ; Estelle Roussel

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