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Yellow Palace

Man with Headphones
workshop, community, valga, senses, social interaction
Valga Estonia and digital

Can you imagine yourself in a palace? How does it look/feel/smell? Have you ever noticed how senses may affect your perception of the world in a crucial way? The main aim of the workshop is searching for the new approaches to discovering the world, surroundings, buildings, people and most important - feelings. We are going to be the real sense-seekers of giving a new significant meaning to almost valueless objects and sharing this secret knowledge to all wishful architects and locals.

THE YELLOW PALACE Kesk street 17/19 - our palace for this summer. A building owned by the municipality is framing the town square of Valga. It is in horrible condition and has no function. This problematic building has been a matter of conflict between the municipality and the locals. Its interior architectural value has been keeping it from being torn down, but to the locals, it’s just another empty and ugly building with no value. The «Yellow house» will stay a minimum of one year waiting for grants for restoration and irritating inhabitants of Valga. This makes it the perfect candidate to be reevaluated and show its social potential. We also hope to join Valga’s County Chamber of Disabled People and locals in a common effort. An effort of community capable to build a Yellow Palace.


Digital platform and exercises starting from july. Worskhop in Valga 1-16.08

taking part

Follow our instagram account @theyellowpalace. Soon a door for the Virtual Yellow Palace will be opened there.


Angela Lulati, Sturla Hrafn Sólveigarson, Tanya Peneva, Alexander Sokolov, Darina Lisitskaya, Alina Ocuneva

via instagram or fb

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