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EASA Reality is a project that will consist of multiple events held throughout Europe during July/August, with the main event being held in Kragujevac, Serbia.

EASA Reality resonates within a saturated culture which is constantly blurring the line between fact and fiction. As a “Summer School” it will closely deal with current situations of architecture practice and position of an architect practitioner – providing a reality check. EASA Reality may set itself comfortable on the negative mundane side of EASA, embracing its flaws. It can reject its context creating its fictional city. Then start an against-from-within revolution. How can the reality check become a method to provoke new ideas for the evolution of the architecture discipline and the community itself?  An assembly without a script - what can go wrong?  Warning: during this process of self-reflection through the prism of realities, EASA experiment might evolve.

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