Kragujevac, Serbia

1st - 15th of August
≈150 people

15 workshops  



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Call for Participants in EASA Reality in Kragujevac, Serbia is open! You can find the application form here! Please make sure you communicate with your National Contact before applying. 

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Dumb Emancipatory Housing. Dumb Emancipatory City Planning.

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Hindsight and the Proportions of Attention

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Portal Alchemist

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Pyramid Schemes

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Giant Puppet Workshop Square - Joe Ridea

The Giant Puppet Workshop

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to make is to take

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Until The End Of The World


Serbian Reality

Serbia as a former Yugoslavian country, a culturally and economically centralized state, has been left with material and immaterial residues of a promised utopia and disconnected elements spread across its fields.
While in transition, the Serbian community suffered a concussion, which resulted in a loss, or radical shifts of values it previously had. It found itself in an identity crisis and is failing to recognize architects as one of the problem solvers. Serbia became the country of absurdity and surreal situations. Absurd evolved in such a measure that it became a valid layer of everyday life. In this reverse of society, paradox is accepted. New rules and relations have been established. People are escaping the current reality by creating a new reality. One that protects them from external influences, providing imaginary security and by that making the latter reality more bearable.

The process of searching for an EASA home made us realize how the problem of a sick society in transition is multilayered, ubiquitous and immense, and that localities suffer and are threatened in very similar ways. We decided to take a look at the situation from another angle. Not from a point of view of problematics, but from a point of view of a positive example. We began to focus on the unfulfilled potential of locations. In a country where basic existence is threatened and cultural basics are shaken from the ground, we have decided to look up for the ‘silver lining’. This search brought us to Kragujevac ...the fourth largest city of Serbia, known for its industries, most of which are abandoned today.

Duke’s Arsenal - Main event location

The location that we were intrigued by the most is “Knezev Arsenal” (Duke’s Arsenal) – a large military-industrial complex built-in 1853. It is the oldest industrial complex in Serbia, located in the immediate center of Kragujevac. The industrial architecture, characteristic for the Duke’s Arsenal, was „taken over“ from Germany and France. It is characterised by red bricks, wooden doxas and stairs, cascading roofs under the tiles and high chimneys, which form a harmonious whole. It has been abandoned for quite some time now. The unfulfilled potential of Arsenal reflects itself through numerous attempts of local activists to put this object in the service of cultural development. For example, the dean and students of the Faculty of Philology and Arts have been trying for a while to get one of the buildings from the complex to use it as their faculty building so they could be able to take all their lectures and tests in one place. Activists of the city’s Cultural Center have also been showing interest in Arsenal. In recent years they created numerous unofficial pop-up events, alternative exhibitions, spontaneous vinyl records exchange. Arsenal is also where the music festival “Arsenal fest” takes place.


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