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INCM 'Jato'

Trpejca, Macedonia, 2019

INCM JATO 019 Final Video Trpejca village, Macedonia
Filmed by Aleksandra Kostadinovska. Music by Pijan Slavej / Sonce. Postproduction by EASA Macedonia. Organizing Team of the INCM JATO


JATO can directly be translated and described in English as FLOCK. This is the flock of animals or people constantly changing places - a form of a moving family that separates and then comes back to its own, familiar grounds. If we adopt this mindset of viewing the EASA community as an arbitrary family, then it becomes a JATO of people. A JATO that migrates to different places of the world, welcomed with great hospitality by the local community, which they impact while leaving the environment intact. This JATO links and reanimates the previous EASA experiences in continuity.

We are a part of this constantly changing and constantly travelling community, but at the same time the feelings of family, home and EASA spirit that people carry with them are always the same. These are a few of the focus points that we want to bring forward on INCM JATO – the idea of family/home and the idea of consistency/continuity through change.

During the event we centered the attention on the opportunities for gaining experience by putting the EASA flock into context, merging it with the village locals. EASA as a community aims to influence, teach and learn, hence the concept of a shared habitat was brought to this year’s INCM. By accommodating the attendees of the INCM, the locals of Trpejca had a chance to participate in a concept and experience that we aim to be useful for both communities.

Pictures by Aleksandra Kostadinovska

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