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We’re a small but gutsy team, and for the past months we’ve been cooking up EASA 1:1. Each with their own quirks, and flavours of 1:1 that interest us.

Theodora is an architect from Bucharest. You’ll usually find her in a state of joy, and ready to help. Good music is what she likes. To her, 1:1 is a perception of what you have around you, and what you feel about it. It can be small, big, doubled, or nothing, compared to what you already know. Her life motto might as well be "Live big, and worry small".
Ioana studies General Architecture @UAUIM in Bucharest and her interests include origami, embroidery and music. Always smiling and with a sunny side up, Ioana takes her responsibilities seriously and her sense of humour even more so. To her, EASA 1:1 could be a speck of dust, a frog that scares a tall stork, or a milk and cereal ratio.  Some people say she looks like duo-nutella.
Andreea is a designer, writer and researcher with artistic tendencies, graduating from her MA in Situated Design at AKV St. Joost.
As buildings do not appear over night, for Andreea EASA 1:1 is a research ground to acknowledge and explore the construction and creation of spaces in themselves as a “programme” that occupies space and time from the public realm, questioning the finality of manufacturing and how activities in public space change through time.
She finds delight in misplacing objects into new contexts, bringing into existence unlikely things, and using objects for different functions than they were intended (as is the way all objects are used anyway). 
Diana is a student at the Masters in Architecture in Luxembourg. She is interested in the relation of architecture and ecosystems, likes to draw and sketch and is generally fascinated with alternative forms of architectural representations.
1:1 is a scale and a theme that allows architects to be freed from the pressure of being original, from over-conceptual projects and from creating narratives that often become more important than the project itself. For her, EASA is an opportunity to react and express, so the theme of 1:1 implies the honesty and courage to do so.
Teodor studies architecture at the faculty in Bucharest. He is a calm sea and finds joy in graphics, interior and object design, but also activities involving communities.

He thinks scaling refers more to the awareness and relation of human to the space in which exists.
For him, the 1:1 scale of things does not stop at the object; the scale involves the senses that relate to objects, they contain each other and become dependent. Nowadays the human has lost his central sense of mind and is no longer aware of the context in which he finds himself.
Dragoș has graduated the master’s in architecture at the University of Luxembourg in 2019. Currently working at the University of Luxembourg, Dragos is part of the research and design team of the Petite Maison project, as part of Esch2022.

Considering architecture to be slow adapting industry, for him EASA 1: 1 comes as a reflective exercise about the urgent need for actions in the unsteady environment. He finds EASA 1: 1 a suitable framework to proliferate the time dimension as an integral feature of design.
Andra studies Architecture and Urbanism in Cluj Napoca. In the search for the unexpected and unplanned situations overlapping into the contexts. She did take a voyage into the actuality, which offers diverse scenarios of different ongoing relationships and confrontations unrevealed and yet unseen by the human eyes.

Dragoș Ghioca

Teodor David

Theodora Cișmasu

Andreea Samoilă

Ioana Rădulescu 

Diana Zărnescu

Andra Hrenciuc

Ioana is an architect based in Bucharest and enjoys exploring hidden gems within the city. She believes architecture relies in the multiple layers that surround us, meaning that different places can reach a certain maturity depending on the personal perception, the change in time, professional knowledge and interconnected domains. Her key interest relies at the intersection of urban regeneration, conservation of the built heritage and sustainable infrastructure.

Ioana Stoide

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