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EASA 1:1


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A Room For Ones' Memory

What would happen if we chose to take the 1:1 map that covers our land, like a skin, and we hang it in the air? Would we be able to recognise the world we inhabit if we looked at this abstracted surface? What would the buildings that make our streets tell us if instead of backdrops to everyday life we treated them as subjects to be carefully studied? A workshop for questioning the way we read and remember a place through survey, construction and discussion. We will paint abstracted 1:1 studies of façades of Călărași that will then be assembled into a room.

TUTORS: Lucia Medina ; William Chew

1:1 Danube Bathroom

With our pavilion we propose a spatial experiment by bordering a segment of the Danube and in the process of an experimental workshop we create different versions for a fluid dressing room with cloths and a balloon. From scale of infinity to a defined scale. The river creates a borderline situation in the landscape. It does this in the scale of a landscape. In a way, we scale down this situation by selecting a smaller territory to make a floating platform.
TUTORS: András Bence Paragi; Tamás Ákos Révész


The strict, the orderly, the almighty grid.
It may be a way in which real objects relate to one another in space, but this definition overlooks one of their primary functions – the ability to translate one dimension to another. From top view to street level, where the cartographic grid is never flat. We cross the meridians and parallels of Călăraşi, leaving behind ephemeral nets. We weave it, mark it on the ground, and spread it around objects. A performative mapping of the city in search of intriguing spatial relations. We then set our grid afloat, exploring its malleable nature and its projection on the ground.

TUTORS: Anna Odulińska, Joanna Lewańska


This workshop explores (public) spaces in Calarasi by way of building lightweight kitchen furniture to wander around, prepare food and share, in order to interact with the social, physical and cultural landscape with the goal of testing the change to public spaces by the potential of cooking as activity. The built collection of lightweight furniture is going to be our “walking kitchen”. It will grow and shrink, adjusting to the challenges, our learnings and our desires. Food structures our exploration as lens and tool.

TUTORS: Nick C. Ulrich, Patricio Sota

Do People Like Your Feet

The first workshop held by the Institute for Piedilogical Research aims to question basic
assumptions at the foundations of spatial practice such as how we orient in space, what is the ground we stand on, how we move through space with our feet and so on. As xenofoot research scientists, we propose an intensive training schedule alternating between walking practices in the territory of Calarasi and reflective/ making/transcendental moments on the grounds of EASA community. Walking opens up a world of possibilities for the participants who allow encounters with local inhabitants, found material, conversations, random observations and visions of other dimensions to affect what they will make or write or perform or preach throughout the time of the workshop. Instagram

TUTORS: Angelo Ciccaglione, Diana Ferro, Jack Prendergast

Secret Geography of Metropolis

Based on the ‘Book of the Millionaire’ by Stefan Banulescu, we are proposing to build a 1:1 map of the faiths of Metopolis people, using sand casts on the banks of the Danube River. We will use four characters and view the city of Metopolis through their eyes and its long-hidden treasure – the red
marble, berried in the hills, under the city.

TUTORS: Gergana Popova, Ani Dosheva

Exquisite DJs

In the early 20th century surrealists invented a game called ‘cadavre exquis’ exquisite corpse. The core of it is several creators collaborating on a mutual work. Everyone draws a part of an image – not knowing what has been drawn before them. In the end all parts are revealed and a collaborative art piece is born. What if we looked at mapping like at this exquisite corpse game? Collecting different parts of the city and later putting them into one body – wrapping up all the different stories each person finds, like some sort of curators or djs we will sort out and place next to each other maps and collections.
TUTORS: Aistė Gaidilionytė, Kamilė Vasiliauskaitė

Dumb Emancipatory Housing. Dumbness and Scale.

Shapes of buildings can be made unfamiliar. With a method that shifts the scale of either their parts or them as a whole a dumb emancipatory quality can be achieved. Thereby housing blocks can be made alien to smart, bourgeois, good-taste, classical proportions, so they become blatantly and greatly dumb. Instagram, Website

TUTORS: Sebastian Bietenhader, Matthias Moroder

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

This is a workshop that questions the traditional systems of symbolisation and representation that are in use and the ideas that underpin them. It explores how the territory is understood through cartography and the ways in which mapping can be subverted to express nonnormative

perspectives  and propose new formulas of representing a non-referential world. Establishing EASA “1:1” as both the laboratory and the tool set will allow us to understand the social and technological mechanisms behind these simulacra. Instagram
TUTORS: Laura Bucero, Andrea Ortiz de Zárate, Chema Gonzalez, Estivi Biem

EASA's Soundscapes

We can normally hear further than we can see, therefore, by observing and expressing EASA through sound, we will conduct a study on perception, refining the connection to each other and to the space. Although the sound perception is information-poor, it is clearly exceptionally emotion-rich. By exploring the theme of 1:1 and Maps, and creating an alternative way of understanding the space, through sound, this workshop aims to test people’s emotional response to an auditive map, respectively EASA’s Soundscape.

Soundcloud, Instagram

TUTORS: Erona Bexheti; Edmond Drenogllava


Turbines roar, wind blows, sand swirls, glasses shatter, metals vibrate. Călărași whispers. By mapping and transmitting atmospheres of characteristic city- and landscapes onto other sites, we will explore the coalescence of realities that are usually apart. We distill site-specific qualities to then reconstruct them in dislocated areas. We rebuild reflections and sensations of the distant and provoke new and surreal experiences. Our interventions will construct unknown realities. Stairs on the beach, steel walls in the city square or shelves in the field – Călărași’s whisperings will be sensed across its territory.

TUTORS: Saida Brückner, Géraldine Recker, Fabian Tobias Reiner

Get to know the workshops of EASA 1:1. Click on the images to acces their further resources and informations (pdf presentation and video).

These are the workshops participants can choose from,

and during the event will spend the 2 weeks working in one of them.

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I'm Mutable

‘I’m mutable’ is a wordplay on the word ‘immutable’: what if everything thought to be unchangeable is changed? Architecture as a theatrical play on stage with temporary decors. We are the actors, and use our combined soft gazes to create shared inhabitations within the hard architecture around us. At its core, architecture is a spatial discipline. Architecture concerns itself with space in ways reminiscent of a theatre stage: it provides a structure for social life to happen, like the scene in a play.
TUTORS: Jakob D’herde, Sara Dobrijevic

Time Scales

Time Scales aims to reveal some layers of time that compose several territory’s fragments of Călărași. By focusing on this immaterial notion, we will use the body as the main measuring instrument to navigate through the multiple aspects that time is taking in these places. Tangible performances will allow us to translate our collective interpretations and narratives of time and its relative scales.

TUTORS: Jade Apack ; Lauriane Touvron


EASA TV deals with many different things. It is a workshop tasked with documenting in film and photo the life during EASA, and the many crazy things that happen when hundreds of students gather under the same roof — both literally and metaphorically. They also make really bad jokes no one laughs at and don't take themselves too seriously. Website

TUTORS: Petar Vukobrat, Lea Pružljanin, Hamza Kujović, Václav Pošmourný


EASA FM is an online non-profit radio ran by architecture students across Europe. It is active during the yearly EASA Summer Event and adds to the spirit of the EASA community. We value the importance of uniting people within and outside of the architecture profession through music, interviews, and all things radio: there are no limits. Join us this year as we stream live from Călăraşi, Romania for “EASA 1:1.”

TUTORS: Luka Smišek, Dorica Santos (online), Quique Cilleruelo


Since 1981 when the first easa was held in Liverpool there has been an event every year. The archive of EASA is a collection of material gathered over the past 40 years of the networks existence. The last few years, the archive has been transforming and moving towards a more accessible being, aiming to become the collective memory of the network. In this transformation we seek guidance and input from the community. We would like to know what you want. What do you think should be the future of the archive? This easa we want to find out.

TUTORS: Dorien Tulip


The print outlet for the event. EASA takes all forms and morphs each year to the journalistic needs of the assembly.

More details coming soon.

Media Workshops

In these workshops all participants take part in, as they pop up in various locations around EASA and invite you to activities. They are some of the longest lasting workshops of EASA, happening yearly in the assembly in forms that adapt to the place and theme.

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Video                                      Presentation
Video                                      Presentation
Video                                      Presentation
Video                                      Presentation
Video                                      Presentation
Video                                      Presentation
Video                                      Presentation
Presentation                                 Video
Presentation                                 Video
Presentation                                 Video
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Presentation                                 Video
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