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EASA is a large network, going beyond the 600 people that gather each summer. The community can be categorized by the countries, by the roles they take on during the EASA events (participant, helper, tutor, National Contact) or the years attending the gatherings. Whatever the role, the core value of EASA people is an exchange of ideas and experiences. 

The roles are abolished for the EASA 2020 summer events. Everyone will be transformed to be an organizer and participant, helper and tutor at the same time. What should remain is the exchange of ideas. With the E-ASA program and National Gatherings, we hope that an international exchange of ideas is still possible. 

Therefore connect with the digital chat box we set up for exchange of information, between organizers, workshops, countries. Little rules apply. Find your people, chat threads and friends here:


EASA has taken up Slack as a platform for interaction. It is meant to simplify information sharing in the community, both during this summer and also in the long term - outside of EASA-season. It’s a work tool, a collection of our activities, a playbox, and a bar (but you have to bring your own booze). It’s a place to discuss things, collaborate, ask for advice, look for friends, share knowledge, give and receive helpful feedback to your projects, share information about ongoing events, etc, etc. It’s for everyone interested in the community of EASA not only people who plan to participate in the events this summer. We’d also appreciate past Easians to join in.


You can join EASA Slack with this invitation link:



When you join, please update your profiles:

  • Add a profile photo

  • Use the “What I do” section for: your country (I suggest we all use the 3 letter abbreviations of countries, like EST for Estonia, DEU for Germany etc, you can check  yours from HERE), your role in EASA (if you’re an NC, or an organizer etc), and use the remainder of your 249 letter to mark down some of your interests. 



John Smith
ENG - NC. Interests: cat memes, obscure books about cookie dough, space travel. 


By adding this profile information, we’ll create a nice overview of people in our community in the People tab. It is also SEARCHABLE. So if everyone adds their country etc, it’s possible to make searches in the people tab to find somebody.


For better navigation, let’s name channels based on common logic, using prefixes for grouping together similar kinds. Not all channels have a prefix, but if more specific ones do, we’ll find stuff easier! 



help- to ask questions on topics (example: #help-slack)

ws- for workshops (example: #ws-easa-fm, #ws-pillowtalk)

team-  by countries (example: #team-estonia)

proj- for collaborating for some specific project (example: #proj-something-something)

org20- for different topics of organizing EASA2020

Find a more detailed guide here:

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