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collaboration №3 substitutio

Man with Headphones
collaboration, interaction
virtual space

This is a collaboration of any art forms united by the topic of substitute products, which, for some benefit, can be exchanged for each other. I propose to direct the vector of your creativity to material objects and abstract things, to which you could reconsider your relations over the past few months. What has become important and what has lost all meaning? What was worth everything and then it became everyday? Or vice versa? The topic of the collab should help to reveal sincere feelings about certain things that have appeared or disappeared from your life. The collab has no task to reveal exactly the impact of the pandemic, but if you focus on it, the topic may become more relevant and responsive for you.


Open call until July 30.
Collaboration timeframe - until the end of August, extension possible.

1. End of open call / at 30.07.20

taking part

Write to me via telegram or email


Alena Langolf

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