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Helsinki, Finland


EASA Reality is a project that will consist of multiple events held throughout Europe during July/August, with the main event held in Kragujevac, Serbia. 


As part of EASA Reality, ISOSAARI REALITY is a week-long event held in Finland in August 2021. The event will take place on the island Isosaari/Mjölö in Helsinki and is collectively organized by Nordic and Baltic architecture students. For the event there is a clear vision: everyone attending, organizers and participants, will be equally responsible for the event to take place and co-creating our reality and community. After an intense year we have collectively recognized the need for a retreat-like event. Since a retreat could mean a different thing to all of us, this gathering will take the shape of its participants. What are the things necessary to survive and thrive as a community on an island?


Date: 1-8 August 2021.

Further details will follow  at an info meeting 21 June 2021.  


The event will consist of 50 people in total, organizers included. As a participant you will equivalently be responsible for co-creating a community and our “reality”. Apply by filling in the application form. Deadline for the application will be 1 July 2021.

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