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EASA 'Not Yet Decided'

Nida, Lithuania, 2016

The concept of the theme comes from Erwin Schrödinger's cat experiment. As to keep it short and simple, here is our explanation of the experiment. Imagine you put a cat in a box with a bomb that in one hour has 50% possibility to blow up and kill the cat and 50% possibility to do nothing and leave the cat alive. What happens after one hour? Common sense says that after one hour the cat is either dead or alive because the bomb exploded or not. But Schrodinger points out that at the instance before the box is opened that cat is in the superposition - both dead and alive at the same time. We believe that Nida Town is both dead and alive at the same time and EASA 2016 is going to open the box. 

Bidding Video for NOT YET DECIDED - by Justinas Jakštonis, Morta Pilkaite, Аndrius Bialyj, Gedailė Nausėdaitė, Saulė Petraitytė & Kipras Kazlauskas

Nida, like any other place in the world, is facing a lot of factors, that are making an impact on its existence. Either these factors are natural or social, economic or political. The natural sand dunes of Nida - one of the biggest in the world - on the one hand, are so precious and beautiful, but on the other hand, they are dangerous for the town not to be buried as it happened many years ago. What do we care about more - the natural or the urban part of Nida? The forests are damaged by Cormorans so badly that the entire hectors are poisoned by their faeces. Again - this issue needs a decision. There are several massive soviet buildings in Nida, that are stuck in time, abandoned for many years. On the one hand, we want them to be renovated and functioning, on the other hand the laws are so complicated that almost no one wants to go that way.

Nida is at the superposition - both dead and alive at the same time - not yet decided.

EASA Not Yet Decided Summary Video - by Alexandra Kononchenko

I AM FROM EASA - documentary directed by Lucas Bonnel



Type: Construction

Tutors: Elena Sofia Congiu, Metteo de Francesco, Marcgo A. Noli

Participants: Angel Cobo Alonso, Angela Shepherd Diaz, Angelika Hinterbrandner, Aoife Flynn, Cristiana Moisanu, Giulia Tellier,Ioana Tudor, Liliana Todorova, Lucia Calleja, Luke Sciberras, Margarita Fernandez Colombas, Maroš Drobnàk, Nicat Nusalov, Radoslav Hamara, Raffaella Corrieri, Rob Scott, Venia Poula

Nida has an incredible number of different landscapes. The connection between the water, the dunes and the forest is always defined by the nature, and the border among them is often well defined. To conveying and capturing this border we need something that can pass through the edge, without breaking it. The goal is to underline the line between different landscapes and to live that boundary as a different experience. How can we do that? Creating a 3rd element, that is not a space, but is a pathway, that can introduce you unexpectedly to a new landmark. A labyrinth, will bring you from the beach through the wood without feeling the change. A labyrinth will transform the space’s dimension into time’s dimension, the dots of a surface into a pathway. The labyrinth stimulates and answers, at the same time, to the wish of discovery. It finally is the symbol of the Exploration.The Idea is not just to create a simple crossed pathway, but it is to evolve the concept of the traditional labyrinth. Normally we have a barrier or an insurmountable wall, that creates a space. What we came to think is: whats if that wall will be also a pathway? So you will have two different ways to pass trough, one made up with a tunnel, so a close space that can guide you. The other one will be created by the empty space between the tunnels, and will be, in its turn, a pathway.



Type: Design & Construction

Tutors: Matas Šiupšinskas, Ieva Cicėnaitė, Donatas Beniulis

Participants: Antonia Dorn, Nastassia Tulayeva, Sofia Navarro Abarca, Carlos Jimenez, Mimmi Koponen, Igor Rajkovic, Ieva Ginkevičiūtė, Indrė Ginkevičiūtė, Laura Banaitytė

Atmosphere is a nomadic theater stage. It is temporary, it is ephemeral, it is silent. It travels around the dunes of Nida and invites people to experience a moment in time and space. It invites artists to perform. And then it disappears. There is nothing left, just memories and wind. It sounds banal but it is a theater for those who believe in a quote “Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.”

Our inspiration? Sasha Waltz.