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santa barbara

Torre, Ticino, Switzerland

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EASA Switzerland and Swiss artist Jan Hofer are pleased to announce Santa Barbara, a collaborative workshop happening from 02.08. to 13.08.2021 in a Ticino valley, culminating in an exhibition at the Lago Maggiore.


Santa Barbara is a project during which we will develop a tool to challenge physical borders and other boundaries. A machine adapted to the human body, operated by hand, made from affordable materials. A vehicle which will help us to collectively think about self-empowerment and freedom of movement.

We will build the Do It Yourself Tunnel Digging Machine – something which so far only exists in theory but through this workshop could soon become reality.


Our location will be the Cima Norma, an old chocolate factory in Torre, a small town in the Valle di Blenio. Here we will live, work, cook and discuss together for 10 days. We will learn new craft skills, get theoretical inputs and materialise our very own DIY Tunnel Digging Machine.

In the end, we will document our works on video and bring them to the Locarno where they will be shown in an exhibition during the Locarno Film Festival.


To join Santa Barbara in Torre, apply through this google form

Deadline: 18th of July 23:59h.

The Number of participants is limited to 15 people.

Those who are not studying architecture but are very motivated to be a part of this, can apply as well.


Santa Barbara in Torre is organised by the artist Jan Hofer and the Swiss team of EASA.


Jan Hofer is a Swiss artist working in sculpture, performance and video, often seeking collaborations with people from outside of the art world.


EASA is the European Association for Students in Architecture. As every summer in the last 40 years, the European Association for Students in Architecture is organised in a European country. This year, the event will be organised in Kragujevac, SERBIA from the 1st until the 15th of August with the theme Reality. EASA is an international voluntary network of young architects who promote a free exchange of ideas to offer an alternative form of education. The summer school gathers around 600 students from over 50 nationalities around Europe for two weeks to take part in workshops, lectures, networking and experimenting in the field of architecture.


Due to the pandemic, the usual approach of the summer school is different. Instead of gathering in one location, EASA is now spread across Europe. The program is located across all the nodes of the EASA network, taking place on the National scales and in the virtual realm. In Switzerland we chose to organise a few events nationally. One of them is this workshop, Santa Barbara in Torre.


or email us with any question

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