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EASA Belgium and EASA Netherlands have decided to team up to create a summer workshop on the Belgian coast in Saint Idesbald. For 3 days, we will camp in a garden near the seaside and explore the seascape and its surrounding dunes, observing and experimenting with the gradients between humans, sand and sea and the reality of changing coastlines, urbanisation and the climate.
The workshop will run from the 6th to the 8th of August and for the cost of food, accommodation and workshop we ask you to pay an expected contribution of around 30 euros.

For more information, contact EASA Belgium or EASA Netherlands via:
e-mail: or
Spaces are limited,  but every architecture/landscape/... student is welcome to apply. We reserve spaces for 10 Belgian and 10 Dutch architecture students, but people from all different backgrounds and origins are more than welcome to apply.


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