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Why you zoom out so much? 


Maps-The visualisation tool we are referring to. The further speculations and cartographies are made above a symbolic new blank sheet which, with the help of a grid, works as a frame to understand different scales and emphasise multiple views confronting, of course, the particularities of each site and of each reality. 

So the investigation is just starting.

Why 1:1? 
1:1 is instrumental, defined both as a storage mechanism and a communication medium; it gives a framework for a new kind of dialog between the territory and the reader; redefines new means for an exploratory perspective of data. 

This process leads to a better, even different understanding of the immediate space which consequently reshapes and redefines the groundwork for the future design. 

We also give a great ode to Jorge Luis Borges, and his story of laying a 1:1 map over the territory it represents. While we will not literally crease in folds onto buildings and mountains, we will however consider it as a narrative device and see what cartographic senses it will bring out in us...
A 1:1 model does a really good job of simulating all intemperies, negligence, interests and wishes of people for whom the space is relevant. It reproduces so accurately the existing site that it makes enough space for all considerations. This summer we will explore what are the implications of prototyping at the scale for which proposals are meant to be realised.

EASA 1:1 will be an assembly for architecture students next summer (Calarasi, 30th July - 12th August) on the theme of 1:1. We are fascinated by the implications of comparing scales in drawings, models, buildings and spaces.

Once you start putting objects of multiple scales together, they form an atypical landscape of geometries that allow you to make observations otherwise invisible. Starting from 1:1, we will divide or enlarge grids and spaces through building and theoretical workshops that explore how interventions in the urban fabric can be informed by the narrative of scales and 1:1 maps.

Imagine ourselves as we gather around a surface...

We keep saying this, because simply put, we want to gather around a blank map as a community, and once we all arrive, step on it. Yes, step into a metaphorical map and see how its implications will lead us to populate the map with drawings and models that are 1:1

If you want to see what past EASA events looked like, go check them out here.


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