The INCM is a meeting of the representatives from every country of the EASA network. It takes place during autumn and consists of debates, discussions and conferences on organisational challenges of EASA.

Additionally, the meeting is a chance to explore the role and value of young architects in the professional field. The event has an important role of giving voice to architecture students about themes in matter. 

At the INCM countries bid to host future events. The location of EASA events is decided two years in advance, whereas the location of the next INCM – one year ahead of the meeting. Usually, these decisions are made as a result of a consensus of over 120 national representatives.

This year, however, Just INCM is going fully digital. Rather than to have any kind of limited meeting with limited participation, it is more important that all the NCs are able to attend Just INCM discussions on an equal basis.

Past INCM events: 

2019 Trpejca, Macedonia: Jato
2018 Vitosha, Bulgaria: Continuity
2017 Lapland, Finland: Impact / Intact
2016 Madrid, Spain: Retroactive
2015 Alba, Scotland: Perception
2014 Berlin, Germany: Evolution
2013 Bucharest, Romania: Eastern Lab
2012 Vienna, Austria: Night
2011 Baku, Azerbaijan
2010 Copenhagen, Denmark: Community
2009 Vaduz, Liechtenstein
2008 Nicosia, Cyprus
2007 Motovun, Croatia
2006 Moscow, Russia
2005 Brighton, United Kingdom
2004 Belgrade, Serbia
2003 Ljubljana, Slovenia
2002 Bornholm, Denmark
2001 Berlin, Germany
2000 Tal-Fanal, Gozo, Malta
1999 Mannheim, Germany
1998 Sandomierz, Poland
1997 Sinaia, Romania
1996 Istanbul, Turkey
1995 Zurich, Switzerland
1994 Tallinn, Estonia
1993 Ljubljana, Slovenia
1992 Torino, Italy
1991 Berlin, Germany (Lichterfelde statement)
1990 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1989 Krakow, Poland
1988 Oslo, Norway
1987 Budapest, Hungary
1986 Vienna, Austria
1985 Barcelona, Spain

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