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INCM Essentials is an idea that came out of necessity. Organising an EASA event seemingly became a daunting, terrifying task, especially in the uncertain times of today. It seems there is an internal pressure we put on ourselves to make it bigger and better, to progress for the sake of progress. When figuring out how we could lower this experience of burden, we stumbled on the following.



                 “The aim of the INCM is to bring the NC’s                               together in one place to exchange information.                   and keep the NC network alive.”                                                                                        - EASA guide


Why the INCM exists is to keep our network alive. How we do it is by gathering the NC’s or other representatives in one place to discuss. And so what is an INCM?

It’s simple. An INCM is a platform to discuss all things EASA. 

We provide the essentials, the community provides the rest, but we do not define how. We’re offering the structure, we ask you to provide the infill. Less is more.

Meet the EASA Belgium organizing team:

Jakob D'herde

Former NC

Eleonore Devolder

Marie Meurice

Fresh NC

Lina Plévy

Jonne Van Roy


Mai-Vy Lejeune

Laura Renard 

Questions about INCM2021:

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