Just INCM is going fully digital. While before we were still speculating about a limited meeting in Valka in late October together with the majority of NCs participating digitally, the rapidly changing Covid-19 restrictions and difficulty of travel make such plans irrelevant.

And rather than to have any kind of limited meeting with limited participation, it is more important that all the NCs are able to attend Just INCM discussions on an equal basis.


With regards to the bidding process, it is apparent that EASA (and the entire world) has entered into a new paradigm and that we neither can nor want to return to “business as usual”. It is vital that we have an annual EASA summer meeting, but it should not be the sole driving force of our community.

Now, as we have entered the Anthropocene and are only at the very beginning of a catastrophic cascade of natural and societal cataclysms, the world needs heroes, trailblazers, trendsetters and organizers ;) more than ever. And this summer has showed us that we can all be those things.

Therefore, we wish to emphasize that all bidding teams shall organize their proposed event at the scale and format they are capable, regardless if their event is selected as EASA 2022 or INCM 2021. The world isn’t going to save itself!

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19 September – Q&A Call

In order to explain the digital Just INCM, we invite you to a call to express all your concerns and unclarities. A Zoom link and guides will be posted in the NCs facebook group an hour before the call. 

19 September onwards – Setting Common Values

In collaboration with moderators we will create a framework to collect guides for the bidding teams. It will not be a fixed program or guides for NC judgement but rather a review on the current atmosphere in the community and events of EASA 2020 as well as a guide on how to do a digital bid in covid days.

7 October – Bidding Team Application Deadline

(UH OH THERE WERE NO BIDS - deadline extended without a definite date)

You can still express your intention to bid through this form: 

24 October – Bidding Presentations

Still distanced we will join to see the proposals of our bidding teams online. We remind the bidding teams to be free in their expression. Everyone is aware that at this point opportunities are limited and little is certain. 

24 October to 7 November – NC Feedback

We will invite the EASA community to give their feedback on the bids. The NCs will not be the ones making a consensus this year. The feedback will help the bidding teams to develop their proposals.

7 November onwards – Bidding Team Discussions

The bidding teams will be the ones to decide where next EASA, INCM, SESAM or “call it what you want” will happen. It is up to bidding teams to divide events between organising teams during moderated online discussions.