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EASA 2020 events

The unconventional EASA 2020 programme is a collection of happenings, workshops and gatherings taking place across Europe and the virtual realm. Due to the raging pandemic travelling across the globe, a singular, big event turned out impossible to organize. So the community came together and instead of cancelling EASA 2020 all together regrouped and took initiative by developing more local events. 

National Gatherings are local events organized by the EASA countries. Looking at more local issues, the teams have taken on the roles of an organizer, tutor and participant. Some National Gatherings have slots for the international community.

There are a wide array of workshops, virtual gatherings and talks (just like any EASA event). Some fully virtual, some divided between international community and local gatherings. Each workshop has a different approach to participation, so make sure to get acquainted with them and exactly how you can participate in the event. 

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