EASA 2020 events

The unconventional EASA 2020 programme is a collection of happenings, workshops and gatherings taking place across Europe and the virtual realm. Due to the raging pandemic travelling across the globe, a singular, big event turned out impossible to organize. So the community came together and instead of cancelling EASA 2020 all together regrouped and took initiative by developing more local events. 

National Gatherings are local events organized by the EASA countries. Looking at more local issues, the teams have taken on the roles of an organizer, tutor and participant. Some National Gatherings have slots for the international community.

There are a wide array of workshops, virtual gatherings and talks (just like any EASA event). Some fully virtual, some divided between international community and local gatherings. Each workshop has a different approach to participation, so make sure to get acquainted with them and exactly how you can participate in the event. 

EASA Turkey National Gathering

Community, Workshop, Discussion

EASA Belarus National Gathering

community building, observation, discussions

In REEL time

workshop, lectures, interaction


walking, mobile architecture, maping

Borderless Movement Lab

workshop, dance, movement

[far] too close

experiment, isolation

41.6086° N 21.7453° E

national gathering, workshop, construction

We are home today

National gathering, Workshop, E-EASA, Interaction, Construction

EASA France National Gathering

national gathering, EASA spirit, debate

From Here On

workshop, digital, knowledge


workshop, gardens, theoretical investigation


clay, material exploration, technique learning

EASA Belgium National Event: School

Competition, Playground Design

А, ПА, ТИ <------------> ЈА

community building, workshops, talks, lectures, excursion, infrastructure, food, beers and movies

EASA Greece Summer Gathering

workshop, lecture

Open Source Wood Challenge

competition, open source wood, online


talking shop, forum, revolution

Borderless sharing circle #BorderlessTalk

sharing, self-reflection, connection

just yoga


EASA Montenegro 2020: Architecture in the time of displacement

national gathering, workshop, exhibition

EASA Germany Gathering Eiermannbau

national Gathering, workshop, interaction


joy, recycling, interaction


workshop, mapping, interaction

EASA England National Gathering: Communal Luxury

national gathering, workshops, lectures


parliament, platform, construction

EASA Belgium National Event: Bike

Slow Tourism, Cycling, Border Workshops

EASA Portugal National Gathering

workshop, talk, hands on

EASA Russia National Gathering

a series of national events, workshop, talk, lecture, excursion

EASA: aftermath

excursion, workshop, symposium

EASA Spain National Gathering

workshops, discussions, community building

collaboration №3 substitutio

collaboration, interaction

Together From Afar

workshop, lectures


lecture, presentation, start

EASA Malta National Gathering

national gathering

EASA AL Apathy event

interaction, knowledge and skills sharing, EASA Spirit localy


workshop, bodies, bodybuilding, fitness, online, class, fiction, score narratives, exercise, domestic, politics


discussion, workshop, virtual, chat

Bulgarian national gathering

workshops, trip, conceptual


construction deconstruction

EASA Denmark: APATHY for dinner

national gathering, apathy, dinner

EASA Apathy Residency

Summer school, Community building, Residency

A continent to be shaped

archive, research, artefact, flat plan model

Légami Legàmi, EASA Apathy Italian Gathering

national gathering, workshop, interaction


workshop, performance

Friendship Pack 2.0

community, workshop, building

EASA Austria National Gathering

national gathering

Bygd/Obygd - Apathy within the Landscape

workshop, nordic gathering, rural forum

Tapaland 6.0

interaction, revolution, perfomance


partecipative research,network mapping, fun


workshop, experimental literature, letters

Questions about EASA 2020: info@easaestonia.ee

Anything you'd like to share? easaweb@gmail.com

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