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The Event

Leuven, Belgium
Keizersberg abbey


We have made two separate forms, the first one being the MAIN application because we can only confirm a hosting of 52 people for now, 1 NC per country being the minimum and essential for the purpose of our INCM. But we may be able to extend the number of participants to 2 NC’s per country, thus the second application form. We will keep you posted! In the meantime, we leave the decision of choosing the main NC up to you. Sending an EASAn who can share his/her experience and knowledge or sending a new NC for a fresher and renewed vision of an INCM : the choice is yours, get the discussions started within your team!

We expect every country to be able to send a representative. If both NC’s are unable to come, choose a member of your team, an old member or even someone from another team who is fit to speak for your country.

Bidding form

We propose a soft deadline on 30/08 but the form will stay open, so you can even submit a bid during the INCM event.

We look forward to hearing all the enthusiastic ideas, all the people working together to keep the EASA fire burning and we offer you our help with this. You can always message any of the Belgians for some help or support, we’re here for you!

Feel free to ask any questions or make any suggestions.


Given the current traveling conditions, please make sure, upon your arrival in Belgium, that:

  • You have completed the Passenger Locator Form.

  • You have a valid negative PCR test (for Belgium : less than 72h before arrival) OR are fully vaccinated (with one of the accepted vaccines in Belgium: AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson).

  • We will also make time in the last days of the event for those who need a PCR test to return to their country.

And don’t let these traveling restrictions get in your way!

Friday 3/09
Saturday 4/09


Arrival day

EASA catch-up talk & EASA 2022 bids

Sunday 5/09

EASA 2022 discussions

Monday 6/09

EASA 2022 discussion & EASA 2023 bids

Tuesday 7/09

EASA 2023 discussions

Wednesday 8/09

INCM 2022 discussions (no bids yet)

Thursday 9/09

Departure day

Questions about INCM2021:

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