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The Concept

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       noun /Iˈsen·§əl/
       A basic thing that you cannot live or succeed without. Essentials            are also the basic or most important part of something.

            -Cambridge dictionary

The framework we’ve developed is meant to inspire the confidence to act, to realise your goals. By defining your essentials, bonuses and trends you can make the task ahead more manageable and easier:
you generate comprehensible tasks and acquire an adaptability in organizing your goal. Every decision you make can be related to your goal, whether it concerns an essential, bonus or trend.

Your essentials are the most crucial elements of your goal: what are your absolute requirements to reach it? These must be organized.
Your bonuses are components that support your goal, but aren’t vital: they give the road to your goal some flair. These are optional, but great to have if you can manage it. Your trends are the things you do because they’re cool, but they don’t serve your goal at all, they’re just nice. These are useless in their essence, but nice to have IF you have
managed all your essentials and bonuses. Breaking down the event in those categories downsizes the “compulsory” aspects, declutters the To-Do-list so that participating in events as well as organizing them continues being an interesting and fun experience.

This framework facilitates the process to go from conceptual ideas to practical realization.

We believe that sharing our time is the most important part of an INCM. Thus, our whole proposal is the result of us having shared our time. Our vision for an INCM is a place where people meet, both formally and informally, to discuss the past, present and future of EASA. We found that to us it is both the formal and informal time we cherish.

Formal time represents the meetings and conversations necessary for the continuation of EASA.

It embodies the collective process.

Informal time refers to every moment in between.

These are the moments where we get to know each other on a different level

We’re not just a collection of individuals interested in architecture.We are friends, we are lovers, we are strangers.

These occasions provide individual enrichment and continuous growth. We will get to the essence by means of conversation.

We want to share time with you.


Our conceptual structure makes us look back at that goal for every decision we make. Our decision-making process thereby becomes flexible: it doesn’t define the event by the location. Especially during these times, it is important to include flexibility in our methods and put it at the base of the structure of the event. It allows us to adapt and to organize with only the most needed elements to create physical and mental space for what really matters.

A place to meet, a place to sleep, a place to eat.

What can you do?

We think sharing time is the most important thing any of us can do, especially now. You can help us by sharing your time, not because you have to, but because you want to. You’re already sharing your time to read this message. Following our framework, we now offer you a number of achievable steps you can take to get inspired and take action within your national team.

REFLECT on your personal goals

‘Why’ did you join EASA? What do you hope to achieve? Spend some time on this, dig deep. We find stories to be very helpful:

‘I joined EASA because we never actually realized a practical example in my course... I’ve made so many designs people like, but I’ve never actually seen any of them built and I feel like that is missing for me. Then a friend told me about EASA and I felt like I could finally do some of the things I wish I could be doing in class.’ This was Jakob’s reason for joining originally. What were yours?

Talk to your team about what made them join EASA.

Yes, you help us first and foremost by helping your team.

DEFINE your common purpose

‘How’ can you unite your team? Connect the dots. People joined EASA for a reason, find the red thread running through your stories. Now you have a purpose for your team to get together and find new people. Don’t worry if it’s only two or three of you at the start, your numbers will grow once you communicate your purpose. Easians are always looking for a cause they can support, that’s how you know you’ve attracted the right people. Once you have a purpose, define your ‘essentials’, ‘bonuses’ and ‘trends’ for it.

To be clear: we offer you our help with this process. If you’re unsure what we mean, or if you didn’t see our bid, you can always message any of the Belgians for some help or support, we’re here for you.

ACT as a team

You now have the basis for your ‘Why’ and your ‘How’. Time to transform it into a ‘What’. No matter the scale, big or small, digital or physical, you have to start somewhere. Look for the necessities to provide your essentials. Take initiative! We believe in you.




* REMINDER keep it informal too
Spending time together implies listening and being listened to. You’ll get to know your team members better, possibly even become close friends. Don’t let every meeting become about work. Look back at why you all joined, we’re sure nobody said ‘to work’. :)

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